Top mount f-row less 1800 compact 1800

Status: Round 2 GB Concluded

About this board:

The 'cypher' is a custom f-row less keyboard I designed based on a layout that my partner wanted a board in to use for work. The design went through several iterations before holding a small in stock sale of 20 units followed by a full group buy hosted with in July 2019.

With this board I wanted to hit a few feature requests whilst still being able to maintain a clean look. It was important that it could be carried around easily as it was primarily intended to be taken to and from an office so it is designed to be a light and compact board as much as possible whilst maintaining the form factor

Another feature was to try and keep the board as low as possible with a shallow angle to ensure it was comfortable for extended use.

The overall reception to this board has been overwhelmingly positive and I'm always working to make sure as many get into people's hands as possible.

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